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CNN Interviews Matthew Hoh Who Resigned In Protest Over Afghanistan

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Interviews State Department Official Matthew Hoh Who Resigned In Protest Over Afghanistan War.

Hoh does a very good job describing the Afghan landscape and the logistical difficulties and pointlessness of the U.S. operations there when dealing with a unique region and culture.


The Emanuel Brothers

Rahm Emanuel has just been crowned the most powerful man in Washington by GQ magazine on their top 50 list. Along with orchestrating the asswhipping the Democrats gave the GOP for house seats in 2006, he’s Chief of Staff to President Obama, and was also senior adviser to President Clinton back in the day. When observing his success and his brothers Ezekiel, and Ari (who they base Ari Gold from Entourage on), one can only assume upbringing had a lot to do with their success.

Here are some clips of the brothers talking about life growing up:

Jay Smooth on Micheal Steele

Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

via Street Knowledge

I’m always open to anything that sheds light on US media bias.

This flick specifically portrays U.S. media bias against Hugo Chavez, but in a broader way, any leader who happens to favor their people over U.S. corporate interests.

Maxed Out [Current TV]

This vividly portrays how all that crap about going to school and getting a good job and a successful career isn’t what it’s cracked up to be for some. I really feel for some of the people in this video-well actually only the married couple- the rest not so much.

I have a year left in college with $80,000 in loans (sigh) and I’m at the point where I’m wondering what to do with my life. I have an inkling feeling that blogging won’t be able to pay the bills next year.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m happy that I did go to college. I’ve just come to realize that the reasons they sell you to go to college (education and/or degree) aren’t as valuable as the life lessons people can come outta college with.

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The Most In Depth Discussion I’ve Seen on the Health Care Debate So Far: John Stewart v.s. Betsy McCaughey

…and funniest

part 1:

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part 2:

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Creative Lunch: Chris Blackwell – Joost

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This video can now be viewed here: