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In Case You Missed: T-Pain and the Know Nothing Know-It-Alls

I get lulz imagining Sean Hannity back at FOX studios showing Bill O’reilly and Glenn Beck how he tricked T-Pain. I got even greater lulz at the 14 second mark.

Two observations: 1. To avoid an argument, you can just say someone’s “oblivious”  instead of calling them “stupid” .

2. Jay smooth has a magic beard.   

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Cyber Threats Increasing

No April Fools joke.

The other day President Obama’s twitter account got hacked which just goes to show you how privacy is fading away, or at least getting more expensive. I saw the video below on 60 minutes a while back and meant to do a post on it but never got around to it. Where gonna see these type of incidents more and more. Some of you might already heard about google getting hacked in China.

part 1

part 2

How to Make it in America Theme Song: Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

This is the opening song to the great new HBO show “How to Make it in America” featured on the DJ Green Lantern/Kid Cudi  Mixtape . It’s by some guy named Aloe Blacc. Speaking of a dollar, Im gonna need a few to get my HBO back.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show yet, check it out after the break.

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In Case You Missed… Wiley

Grime is to the U.K., what Rap is to the U.S., what Dancehall is to Jamaica.

Across the pond, Wiley is the king of Grime. Here’s why:

Meet Blu & Exile

Wow, I haven’t posted in a month and I still have about 850 views for July- Sweet! Well I guess I’ll start with music, and I’ll post a sample of Exile for you guys. When I first heard  the album he and Blu made called “Under the Heaven’s” I couldn’t stop playing it. For those of you who haven’t heard it listen to my favorite song on the album “Dancin in the Rain”:

Exile is becoming one of my favorite producers, I’d probably put him in my top 10. His style comes off to me as a mixture between Madlib and Amp Live which are both in the top 5 of best hip producers IMO. The other guy DJ Day isn’t bad either.

In Case You Missed: Ryan Leslie


Making of Gibberish

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