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Will Brazilian President Lula Squash the Nuclear Beef Between Iran and the West?

According to Pepe Escobar, there’s a good chance:

“Iran has all but agreed that Brazil should be the mediator between Tehran and the United Nations – rather than the axis of the US, Britain and France inside the UN Security Council, plus Germany – to finally settle the Iranian nuclear dossier. According to the Fars news agency, after his visit early this week to New York, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, in a phone call with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, told him that Iran had agreed with the Brazilian proposal for a nuclear fuel swap deal for the Tehran research reactor, which produces medical isotopes for cancer treatment. The proposal will be discussed in detail when Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visits Tehran by the end of next week.”

-Asia Times


Global Economic Power to Shift as BRIC Countries Demand More Power in IMF

We have Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Belgium that have more voting power than Brazil, China and India. This is completely absurd. So the BRICs have to start their pressure from the inside and that is – try to alter and ameliorate at least the Bretton Woods institutions and start to actually act as new emerging economic powers in the world.”

-Pepe Escobar

Movie Trailer: BESOURO

Kickass Brazilian fight movie.

via Van

Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

via Street Knowledge

I’m always open to anything that sheds light on US media bias.

This flick specifically portrays U.S. media bias against Hugo Chavez, but in a broader way, any leader who happens to favor their people over U.S. corporate interests.

Jim Rogers on the Global Economy [video]

Him Rogers was on bloomberg the other week, where he was asked about the state of the Global Economy. For those of you not familiar with Jim Rogers, he was the cofounder of the Quantum Fund along with George Soros (the man who made a billion in a day). There’s not too many people in the world who I’d trust more to predict the global economy than those two men.

Jim hasn’t really changed his tune much, he said he’s buying commodities (i.e. corn, soy, coffee, sugar, gold, copper, etc.) and he also predicts that there’s gonna be a world wide food shortage.

Countries Ditching the IMF (Finally)

Since I’m a Economics major I find the current economic crisis really interesting. There are major shifts in the global economy and poor countries are rising up from nothing (i.e. China and India).

Meanwhile others that have been well off are starting to find themselves in the most challenging times in decades (i.e. Austria, Spain, and Scandinavia).

I’ve been a critic of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ever since I’ve learned how they keep countries down with ridiculous interest rates (over 20%) and their appropriately named “SAPs” or Structuary Adjustment Programs. SAPs are when the IMF tells countries wrong advice on how to get themselves out of a hole which usually ends up with all thier public services getting bought off by multinational corporations. You’d have to be a SAP if you think this program would work.

Think the Quantum Fund in the James Bond flick Quantum of Solace- only more evil.

Hans Rosling: New insights on poverty and life around the world

This video is a bit old, but its content is still cutting edge. I’m one of those people who just found out about TED a few weeks ago. Shame on me.