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Viva Los Suns de Phoenix!

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To show unity with the Arizona immigrant and  Latino population who would be adversely affected by the new bill (SB 1070), Team owner Robert Sarver came up with the Los Suns Jerseys but left the final decision of wearing it on the court to the players. Which they wore yesterday.

I dunno, maybe its because I don’t live in a border state but I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about illegal immigrants. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for illegal immigration but at least they get stuff done whether its construction, landscaping, or whatever.  IMO  illegal immigration is a net positive. I’m also not down with the racial profiling people either. Its screwed up if cops start to pull over random people just because of the way they look.

My whole thing is that if an overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants-or machines for that matter- can take your job, you might wanna find a new profession. Just sayin.


Gulf Coast Spill Statistics

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Tenacity vs Intellect: What Makes an Entrepreneur?

via ForaTV

As I read  and watch videos about successful entrepreneurs, this same question pops up in my head. Was the cause of this persons success due more to to this person being an egghead, or them being passionate and driven? Leonard Brody eloquently answers this question by intelligence is a commodity- you hire smart people- but passion is the driving force. When I look at the Forbes Richest people list many of them were college drop outs and some never finished high school. I have no doubt this these people aren’t all intelligent, their success was due more to the fact that they had a passion  to succeed or fear of failure.

There’s a good article on Street Capitalist which underscores this point. The author writes about Warren Buffet talking about Rose Blumkin who had a grade school education but was able to turn her investment of $500 into the biggest furniture store in North America.

GLOBAL PULSE: Debt: Greece vs California

Using Net Vibes Dashboard to Monitor Trending Topics/Keywords

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Worlds Largest Photograph: Dubai in 45 gigapixels

Source: cnet

Dubai has one-upped Paris’ 26 gigapixel picture with a 45 gigapixel photo of their skyline. Now the city can claim among other things, the largest photo-  which captures the tallest building… go figure.

Has Noah’s Ark Finally Been Found?

Source: Streetknowledge

“In the archaeological realm, it is easy to see that the discovery of Noah’s Ark would be “the greatest archaeological discovery of all time.” If the flood of Noah indeed wiped out the entire human race and its civilization, as the Bible teaches, then the Ark constitutes the one remaining major link to the pre-flood World. No significant artifact could ever be of greater antiquity or importance.” (Institute for Creation Research)