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The Khan Academy – College on Youtube

I found this channel on youtube-a little too late- and it’s been the best help with Calculus that I’ve seen on the  net. The speaker uses MS Paint to break down many abstract topics that many math teachers go over too quickly. Since its a video, I can pause and rewind instead of asking a question in class and feeling like a dumbass.

Not only does he teach Calculus but also:

Precalculus |  Trigonometry |  Algebra |  Finance |  Pre-algebraArithmetic |  Geometry |  Physics |  SAT Preparation |  ProbabilityLinear Algebra |  Differential Equations |  Credit Crisis |  Banking and Money |  Paulson Bailout |  California Standards Test: Algebra IICalifornia Standards Test: Algebra I |  California Standards Test: Geometry |  Venture Capital and Capital Markets |  Statistics |  Geithner Plan |  Current Economics |  Brain Teasers |  Valuation and Investing | Chemistry |  Biology |   |   |   |

Here is the Khan Academy on the Financial Crisis: (As seen on CNN)

Here’s Another One on Value Investing:

Here’s on on Calculus: (Implicit Differentiation)


Boiler Room + Notorious BIG =

A vid I made back in highschool. The song is called Ten Crack Commandments by Biggie. enjoy.