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Writing a Business Plan

Now that its graduation time, I gotta to start making business plans for the ideas I have. Getting a 9-5 is my last option. I’ve written down many of them, and even bought domain names for many of them, but having a business plan is the next step. To those that are in the same position, I hope this helps.


Flash Game of the Week: My Brute

click here to begin

My Brute is a fun and addictive RPG flash game that’s easy to learn. You just name your character, choose fights, and watch him/her fight. As the character fights more and more they get more skills. The only bad part is you only get 3 fights a day, but then again at the rate my roommates and I are going thats probably not a  bad thing.

Also http://www.mybrutecheats.com to find out tips and tricks to make your character better and look cool.

If you want to fight any of my characters bring it on: Genetal Tso, RU Express. The-deliman, CMeNoMo, PearlsB4Swine, General Tso VIII, MRSAOutbreak, Mizz California, Camden Killa, Dont h8 playa