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Puma Adds The First Round To Mongolian BBQ

via highhnobiety

Launched in 2005, Puma’s Mongolian BBQ program is the most inspired customization project out. What it lacks in footwear choices, it has made up for in materials and sheer fun. They’ve added the First Round, for the first time folding a high top in with the RS-100 and Basket (the original shoe was the Cabana Racer). A good silhouette to play with, here’s hoping the ingredients to cook with are strong as well.

Riddle of the Week: Three college football linemen

– Tank, Tiny, and Toad – earned spots playing for different semi-pro football teams. One of them plays for the Mustangs, one for the Piranha, and one for the Vultures. One wears jersey #63, one #68, and one #75. Based on that information, and the following clues, can you figure out which lineman plays for which team (and which jersey number he wears)?

1. The number on the Piranhas jersey, which is not Toad’s, starts with a six.
2. The number on Tank’s jersey is evenly divisible by three.
3. Tiny, who doesn’t play for the Mustangs, wears jersey number 75.

here is solution

Just don’t lick me there!

Eventually this happens to everyone when your in a relationship with a dog.

Watch the cat’s reaction. It’s like “wtf?”

Red Bull Music Academy – Video Archive – DJ Red Alert

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Ah Shit, US interest rates slashed to 1% What about me?!

With all this new fiat money in the system I just hope the powers that be dont change the dollar menu or niggas’ is gonna starve out here Bernanke!
via BBC News

US interest rates graph

The Federal Reserve has cut its key interest rate from 1.5% to 1% in a widely expected move, as it aims to avoid a possible US recession.

Earlier this month the Fed cut rates from 2% to 1.5% in an emergency move, which was co-ordinated with five other central banks. Interest rates have been slashed since September 2007, when the federal funds rate stood at 5.25%. The 1% level was last seen between June 2003 and June 2004.

Lil Wayne live @ the Powerhouse

After a somber tribute to all of hip hop’s fallen soldiers, lil wayne sings a horrible ballad (he must’ve forgot the T-Pain voice box)… After the somber moment is finished, what other song could he do but of course… “Pop Bottles”.

After that Baby makes an appearance along with Bobby Valentino. Wayne finishes the show with Whitney Houston’s- I will always love you. (no that is not a typo)

Is Ras Trent Bob Marley’s Heir to the throne?

decide for yourself… lmao Andy Samberg is too funny…

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