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Archive for July, 2009

Jay Smooth Vlog- Beating the Little Hater

Wow, JS basically described a lot of what I was doing this summer. I wish I was as articulate as he is.


Dave Chappelle 2009 Impromptu Show in Portland

It pays to be a Dave Chappelle stan. Every so often I put his name in youtube just to see if there’s any new material. Just now I hit the jackpot beetchez. Apparently Dave did a impromptu show in Portland 2 weeks ago. He didn’t have a setup for the amount of people that came (around 4000) so a chunk of the video is him doing crowd control. Here’s almost 20 minutes of new Dave Chapelle comedy for your viewing pleasure. *pats self on back*

part 1

part 2

China Town, Africa [Current TV]

July 29 in 100 Seconds: Knock Next Time [TPM]

Brother Ali – Us [Sneak Preview]

Two words: Underground Legend.

Zion I “Coastin'” feat. K. Flay on Vimeo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Movie Review: Bruno [spill.com]

These dudes as spill.com are consistently funny. There reviews are consistently entertaining and y spot on. I’d watch a movie of these guys reviewing a movie of them reviewing a movie. Anyhoo, here they review the movie Bruno which IMO wasn’t as good as Borat. For those who haven’tĀ  seen it I’d wait til it comes out on video or HBO, but don’t get me wrong it stillĀ  had its shining moments but it had a bunch of “cmon wtf” moments too.