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Dwayne Wade Dunks on Varejao

This is gonna make one awesome poster.

Wade Dunks on Varejao

In this game with the legend Micheal Jordan in attendance and another legend Shaq resting in the Cavs bench, D Wade shows why he should be rated up there with the best of ’em.

Btw, that was an awesome block by Jermain Oneal on none other than Lebron James.


Amazing Rap Battle: Dumbfoundead v.s. Kid Twist

I was trying to put less hip hop related topics on the blog for a while but I couldn’t resist this one. Dumbfoundead is my favorite battle rapper ever.

IMO, the most creative things in music are happening in the UK, Fresh Coast, and T dot music scenes.

(Just skip to 2:26, and I apologize in advance for the crowd. They react to the punchlines like this is the first battle they ever saw.)

Running Barefoot – A New Era of Exercise?

I saw this interesting discussion on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last month about how Running Shoes are actually counterproductive because humans were really meant to run barefoot. This guy Christopher McDougal went to a remote cave in Mexico where he saw a tribe called the Tarahumara Indians who run hundreds of miles non stop- in sandals.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the Vibram Five Fingers , a shoe designed to mimic running barefoot while still protecting your foot bottom.

Below is a short clip about the Tarahumara. The end shows them running. Read the rest of this entry »

What Does A Drop of Water Look Like When Slowed Down?

You’ll be suprised.


via Midas Oracle

How to make Almond Milk [video]

via lifehacker

Almonds are the second most nutritious nut after the Walnut.

Dan Senor, Author of Startup Nation on CNBC [video]

Dan Senor, the author of Startup Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle discusses key factors on why Israel is one of the fastest growing and most innovative economies on the planet despite being in a constant state of war.

Many countries could gain alot by studying Israel’s example and utilizing some of it’s policies- especially developing countries.

The Khan Academy – College on Youtube

I found this channel on youtube-a little too late- and it’s been the best help with Calculus that I’ve seen on the  net. The speaker uses MS Paint to break down many abstract topics that many math teachers go over too quickly. Since its a video, I can pause and rewind instead of asking a question in class and feeling like a dumbass.

Not only does he teach Calculus but also:

Precalculus |  Trigonometry |  Algebra |  Finance |  Pre-algebraArithmetic |  Geometry |  Physics |  SAT Preparation |  ProbabilityLinear Algebra |  Differential Equations |  Credit Crisis |  Banking and Money |  Paulson Bailout |  California Standards Test: Algebra IICalifornia Standards Test: Algebra I |  California Standards Test: Geometry |  Venture Capital and Capital Markets |  Statistics |  Geithner Plan |  Current Economics |  Brain Teasers |  Valuation and Investing | Chemistry |  Biology |   |   |   |

Here is the Khan Academy on the Financial Crisis: (As seen on CNN)

Here’s Another One on Value Investing:

Here’s on on Calculus: (Implicit Differentiation)