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Writing a Business Plan

Now that its graduation time, I gotta to start making business plans for the ideas I have. Getting a 9-5 is my last option. I’ve written down many of them, and even bought domain names for many of them, but having a business plan is the next step. To those that are in the same position, I hope this helps.


Tenacity vs Intellect: What Makes an Entrepreneur?

via ForaTV

As I read  and watch videos about successful entrepreneurs, this same question pops up in my head. Was the cause of this persons success due more to to this person being an egghead, or them being passionate and driven? Leonard Brody eloquently answers this question by intelligence is a commodity- you hire smart people- but passion is the driving force. When I look at the Forbes Richest people list many of them were college drop outs and some never finished high school. I have no doubt this these people aren’t all intelligent, their success was due more to the fact that they had a passion  to succeed or fear of failure.

There’s a good article on Street Capitalist which underscores this point. The author writes about Warren Buffet talking about Rose Blumkin who had a grade school education but was able to turn her investment of $500 into the biggest furniture store in North America.

Was I the Only One Dissapointed With How Not Cool Fabrice Tourre Was?

“More and more leverage in the system, The whole building is about to collapse anytime now! Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab[rice Tourre] standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!!”

-Email from Goldman Sachs VP Tourre to his homey in 2007

After hearing that quote on CNBC, I had a picture in my head of a suave, clever frenchman who could mastermind such a diabolich scheme. When I finally saw him testify before the Senate, it was pretty underwhelming. The guy at the end of this video is closer to what I expected.

Dan Senor, Author of Startup Nation on CNBC [video]

Dan Senor, the author of Startup Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle discusses key factors on why Israel is one of the fastest growing and most innovative economies on the planet despite being in a constant state of war.

Many countries could gain alot by studying Israel’s example and utilizing some of it’s policies- especially developing countries.

PBS- The Market Maker: Eleni Gabre Madhin Creates First Commodity Market in Ethiopia [Full Episode]


While in college future economist Eleni Gabre-Madhin  watched the famine in her home country Ethiopia, where about a million people died of starvation. The most messed up part about it was that in the northern part of the country there was a surplus of food which was thrown away.

In the video we get to watch her as she goes back to Ethiopia to set up a commodity exchange so that Ethiopian farmers get access to the market all across Ethiopia- and with enough time, the world. This is an amazing documentary (and the only one I know of) showing a person developing a national commodities exchange from scratch.

If you want to see the whole video in full screen, go here:


Wow A Reality Show That’s Actually Good! – abc’s Shark Tank

I don’t watch a lot of T.V. But when I do its CNBC Fast Money, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert Report, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS, and my NFL team (Eagles of course). And even with  that being said, I can watch most of these online now.

This new show by Mark Burnett the creator of, well, a crapload of reality shows including Survivor and Apprentice has his best one yet.   It’s called Shark Tank and it’s essentially The Apprentice meets American Idol. People pitch their business Ideas in front of would be investors (including Daymond John creator of FUBU) in an intimidating atmosphere. If you have a business idea and have plan to execute it, this show is a really good depiction of what you may encounter (without the dramatic background music).

(double click after commercial to enlarge)

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50 Cent Talks About Getting Rich And “The 50th Law” On CNBC (VIDEO)

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