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[Video] N*E*R*D* feat. Santigold & Lil Wayne – “Soldier” Live


Oldest Woman in Recorded History

(March 28) – A Kazakhstan woman celebrated her birthday Friday, and her family claims it was quite the milestone: they say she is 130 years old.
Sahan Dosova’s passport and identity card show her date of birth as March 27, 1879, but she does not have a birth certificate because they didn’t exist back when she said she was born.
If she is 130, Dosova would shatter the record for world’s oldest person. A Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment is the oldest documented person in history, dying at 122 in 1997.
One of Dosova’s 35 grandchildren told the Associated Press that Dosova grew up an orphan, married and had 10 children, 7oldest_woman of which died from cold and hunger. Her husband was killed over a bundle of wood, she said.

How to Make: Jamaican Jerk Chicken

I don’t eat any meat besides fish, but this is a good video of how to prepare Jamaican Jerk Chicken which is one of the foods I’ve grown up on. Considering that the usual videos are in crappy quality, this vid was nice to watch.

The marinading technique can be used for all types of meat as well. (Lamb, Fish, etc.)

Maybe even Veggie Patty, why not.

Google Hacks

Type in the following and click I’m feeling lucky:

google l33t

google loco

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N.A.S.A.- Gifted (featuring Kanye, Santagold, & Lyyke Li [Official Video]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video is pretty ill. It seems like everyone is doing cartoons graphics in their videos right now but I’m not tired of em yet.This video would’ve been better with some cool looking robots, I mean, who doesn’t like robots?

The production on this track is tight. I don’t know who N.A.S.A. is but it would be pretty hard to make a bad song with Kanye, Santagold, and Lyyke Li on the same track. This sounds like something that you could get down to in a space station, I’m a sucker for these futuristic pop songs what can I say.

Lebron Casually Hits A Half Court Shot During Interview

After seeing this, I gotta see this nigga live when he comes to play against the Sixers. I’d go just to see him warm up (no homo).

The 5-minute Prison Workout

The exercise reps he does are called “burpies” and they’re great stay fit, plus you can do it in a pretty tight enclosed space- which helps if your in prison, travel often, or don’t leave your room much like I do. You probably recognize this guy from that show Dirty Jobs, I’ve seen it a few times. Some of the jobs he shows are just reinforcement to get my college degree, cause I don’t wanna do any of the stuff those guys do.