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Movie to Watch This Week: Old Boy

This movie is one of my top ten favorites. It’s action packed from beginning to end, incredible story, and a shocking ending.

Fight Scene:


Movie Trailer: BESOURO

Kickass Brazilian fight movie.

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Movie Review: Avatar [spill.com video]

PBS- The Market Maker: Eleni Gabre Madhin Creates First Commodity Market in Ethiopia [Full Episode]


While in college future economist Eleni Gabre-Madhin  watched the famine in her home country Ethiopia, where about a million people died of starvation. The most messed up part about it was that in the northern part of the country there was a surplus of food which was thrown away.

In the video we get to watch her as she goes back to Ethiopia to set up a commodity exchange so that Ethiopian farmers get access to the market all across Ethiopia- and with enough time, the world. This is an amazing documentary (and the only one I know of) showing a person developing a national commodities exchange from scratch.

If you want to see the whole video in full screen, go here:


Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

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I’m always open to anything that sheds light on US media bias.

This flick specifically portrays U.S. media bias against Hugo Chavez, but in a broader way, any leader who happens to favor their people over U.S. corporate interests.

Maxed Out [Current TV]

This vividly portrays how all that crap about going to school and getting a good job and a successful career isn’t what it’s cracked up to be for some. I really feel for some of the people in this video-well actually only the married couple- the rest not so much.

I have a year left in college with $80,000 in loans (sigh) and I’m at the point where I’m wondering what to do with my life. I have an inkling feeling that blogging won’t be able to pay the bills next year.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m happy that I did go to college. I’ve just come to realize that the reasons they sell you to go to college (education and/or degree) aren’t as valuable as the life lessons people can come outta college with.

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Movie Review: Bruno [spill.com]

These dudes as spill.com are consistently funny. There reviews are consistently entertaining and y spot on. I’d watch a movie of these guys reviewing a movie of them reviewing a movie. Anyhoo, here they review the movie Bruno which IMO wasn’t as good as Borat. For those who haven’t  seen it I’d wait til it comes out on video or HBO, but don’t get me wrong it still  had its shining moments but it had a bunch of “cmon wtf” moments too.