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William Kamkwamba on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

After having to drop out of school to help his family due to famine in Malawi, William Kamkwamba went to the library and found a book called “Using Energy”. From this book, the 14 year old created his own windmill to harness energy in his small African Village.


During the interview, Jon Stewart calls him the closest real life version of MacGyver. The story William tells at the end had me cracking up.

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The book mentioned, “The Boy Who Harnessed Wind” is currently #10 on Amazon.


Creative Lunch: Chris Blackwell – Joost

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This video can now be viewed here:

Kanye West on “The View”

Awww shnaaps, this should be a catastrophe good. Then again, why would there be a problem? Kanye probably has a lot in common with The View’s hosts- I’m sure they all like flashy clothes, and expensive accessories.

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M.I.A. on Bill Maher

Common on Tavis Smiley

Vodpod videos no longer available. Common discusses his album, his role in the upcomming Terminator movie, and working with Kanye West and his mentor No I.D.


Pakistani Ambassador on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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What’s going on right now in Pakistan is a big deal and can affect us all. I’ve posted an interview before with Fareed Zakaria and ex-President Musharraf but it was kinda long. Here’s a video that’ll explain the problems for all my slackers out there.

Interview with Dumbfoundead

If you guys haven’t seen this guy battle you can go to my post back a couple months ago or just type his name in youtube. He’s a problem.

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