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Clarke and Dawe: Lending Merry Go Round

Interview with Sandra Bullock’s Baby Louis !!!


Dave Chappelle: Man Rape – April 2010

Amazing Rap Battle: Dumbfoundead v.s. Kid Twist

I was trying to put less hip hop related topics on the blog for a while but I couldn’t resist this one. Dumbfoundead is my favorite battle rapper ever.

IMO, the most creative things in music are happening in the UK, Fresh Coast, and T dot music scenes.

(Just skip to 2:26, and I apologize in advance for the crowd. They react to the punchlines like this is the first battle they ever saw.)

Baby Tries to Silence Congressman Shadegg

Pay attention to :22 when Maddy seems to have had enough.

Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire State of Mind [illdoctrine.com]

The New York Yankees Empire wins again, this time against the Phillies.

Speaking of crying when for first victories, I didn’t cry when we elected  our first black president but I’ll probably cry if the Philadelphia Eagles win their first Superbowl. Weird No?

Dave Chappelle 2009 – on Depression Advice and “The Secret” [@ Laugh Factory]

“…The problem is you have bad attitude about starving to death.”

He still got it! In the clip Dave talks about people trying give him advice about dealing with the media, and his opinion on “the secret”.

This is just a short clip of the 5 hour set he did for the Laugh Factory when he and Dane Cook were going back and forth.  I’d much rather see Dave no matter how much free food Dane Cook gave me to watch him.