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Today (June 23) in 100 seconds


Word of the day: copious

co·pi·ous           Listen to the pronunciation of copious
Middle English, from Latin copiosus, from copia abundance, from co- + ops wealth — more at opulent
14th century

1 a: yielding something abundantly <a copious harvest> <copious springs> b: plentiful in number <copious references to other writers>2 a: full of thought, information, or matter b: profuse or exuberant in words, expression, or style <a copious talker>3: present in large quantity : taking place on a large scale <copious weeping> <copious food and drink>

via Meriam-Webster

In Case You Missed: Ryan Leslie


Making of Gibberish

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Movie Review: The Taking of Pelham 123 [spill.com]

Another hilarious review; it sounded like these guys wanted their best to like it but couldn’t.

Word of the day: bluster

blus·ter // (blstr)

v. blus·tered, blus·ter·ing, blus·ters

1. To blow in loud, violent gusts, as the wind during a storm.

a. To speak in a loudly arrogant or bullying manner.
b. To brag or make loud, empty threats.

To force or bully with swaggering threats.

1. A violent, gusty wind.
2. Turbulence or noisy confusion.
3. Loud, arrogant speech, often full of empty threats.

The Best Show on CNN: Highlights [12:02]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fareed Zakaria’s GPS. Here’s the highlight reel of the year’s biggest geopolitical issues.  They cram a lot of information in an hour every week. Good stuff.

Who is Prince Zimboo?

A Man looking for wife 1000

Prince Zimboo x Major Lazer – Hold the Line

Prince Zimboo- Love JA Dubplate Remix